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katemyhan model

Promoting all of your products, such as clothing and accessories, is my passion, and if you are looking for high fashion and commercial promotion for those products without hassle, that is what you have found. All of your items are magnificently displayed on an attractive canvas to help push the sale out the door. Areas of interest include print modeling for catalogues, newspapers and magazines, as well as a number of other advertising announcement forms. I find fashion, glamour, fitness, bikini and fine art modeling to be of special interest and always peaking the deepest of my curiosity.

Promotional Model


Promotional events are what I do best. You will find your products promoted at all events through samples of the product, a free gift for the attendee, or printed information. But I also do so much more for your product and your image. My presence at the promotion event brings to life the product being advertised through interested and passionate eyes that care. Involving short interactions with attendees of the event allows potential customers to experience the product in a whole new way. This can be completed through in-store demonstrations, prospecting events and night club promotion, to name a few.

Brand Ambassador


As an official representative of your brand, my duties will include assisting customers by answering questions and taking care of their other needs while motivating them to make that purchase of your product. With wonderful marketing skills and an above average appearance, I can make your direct promotions so much more effective. Presenting information is only the beginning of my job as a brand ambassador, and while interesting them in your product I can also provide the beauty and sex appeal that stimulate the consumers mind and enhance the desire to make the purchase. Proven results cannot be wrong.

Trade Show Model

Trade Show Model

Want a booth that represents you above and beyond the others? That is exactly what I provide. Your booth will stand out from the hundreds of competitor's booths, grabbing the attendee's attention with an array of sophistication and class. Not only will I design an amazing booth, with my services you can enjoy the support of having a professional to draw those people in through greetings, engaging them in conversation, and always stirring talk around of the product and company being promoted. The attire chosen for the event is based on the image the company is looking to display.

Convention Model

convention model

Working along side a company's sales representative at a conference or a convention, my role as an assistant allows me to distribute various marketing materials to a customer or potential customer as well as gather customer information to be used for follow- up visits from interested parties. This can include name, telephone number, address and/or email address. Doing this involves a number of steps, however you can typically find me involved with public speaking and networking using a targeted audience that wants what you have to offer. These public speaking events are of various sizes and venues, all handled with simplicity.